Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Birthday Girl

I can still call myself girl, right? On the 15th, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. To be honest, I never really like celebrating my birthday. It's not the aging aspect that bothers me. Its a bit hard to put into words, actually, but I think it has to do more with several past birthdays being nothing more than disappointing to say the least. So year after year, my expectations are low and I would really just like to get through the day. Oh, but with children, that just isn't possible! As the boys are getting older and really, really loving celebrating, it was almost as exciting for them as their own birthdays! There was some whispering throughout the week and a little bit of sneaky crafting going on. How these sweet boys make me smile!

So I woke up to lots of hugs and kisses and "happy birthdays". Gifts and cards were given to me before I even left the bed!
suncatcher made by Jakey bug

from Blake

from Parker

from MaKenna (with help from Daddy)

and a beautiful bead necklace made by my Jakey. It is just lovely, don't you think? (I had to include this picture with Kenna and her marker face...something that happens almost daily now).
I must say this birthday was great. My family made me feel loved and appreciated. They were indeed very happy that I was born and I am so blessed to have them in my life! As I tucked in the boys and gave them their goodnight kisses, Parker said to me "I hope you had a good birthday! And I hope tomorrow is a good birthday too" Love that cutie!

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