Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Visits

From Thanksgiving on, it has been a whirlwind of celebrating and we are just now settling back into our rhythm and taking in the peace that follows what can only be described as a wonderfully busy holiday season! We were fortunate to have my parents AND our sister in law, Kristen, come and spend Thanksgiving with us. The boys always have an agenda for Grandma which usually involves games of all kinds. It was a nice relaxing day and great to spend it with family.

Grandma casting a her sleeping spell on MaKenna
The day started with a fun game of Quirkle

MaKenna looks so big in this picture!

Aunt Kristen with all the kids. They really enjoyed having her stay a few days with us. In fact, they told her she had to stay 50 days, ha ha.
Only a few short days after the Thanksgiving holiday, Granny and Gramps came to celebrate Hanukkah! Lots of games were played, crafts were done, some swimming, some bowling, some story reading...a visit that left the kids feeling loved, happy and tired!

I think Gramps is about to pick Old Maid!

lighting the menorah on the first night

thank you kisses to Granny

sharing stories

Granny showing Parker her camera
It was a wonderful visit and lots of happy memories were created!

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