Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is where I found Parker when I headed upstairs to bed last night. Notice him holding his blankie in his right hand ;-) Peter carried him up to bed and he said when he laid him down, Parker whispered "mommies bed". Can't blame him for trying!

Faery Door Making

At last weeks co-op, the kids made their own faery doors. Anything that involves sanding and hammering usually goes over pretty well. (for some reason the pictures loaded in reverse order and I can't fix it)


Parker's...when we got home, he added ladybugs as well.

What we've been up to

Lots of romping in the woods, splashing in the lake, and spying creatures along the way! I am trying to keep up with the boys as much as I can these days, which isn't easy when you aren't getting very much sleep at night and your body is putting all it's energy into the final stages of pregnancy!

blake rat snake

one of many, many, many toads we see/catch

playing on logs

diggin for fossils

saying hi to slimy friends

enjoying the coolness of the water

and practicing our swimming

checking out the trees

and lets not forget some good ole tree tag!