Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Weekend

This weekend was a good one! The last few days were quite cold, dreary and wet and was starting to put a damper on our moods. Well, nothing lifts our spirits like cozying around the fire. So Saturday morning when the skies were still grey and the temperature was still quite cold, that is exactly what we did! We have been slowly working on our valentine crafting and I thought what better time than this to finger knit our garland chains.

concentrating hard!
silly boy!

Parker had other ideas for his yarn ;-)

Later, more crafting was done to prepare for the pinewood derby car race next weekend. Here, the boys are painting their cars after lots of sanding.

We ended the weekend on a beautiful note...the sun was out and the air felt warm. Just a hint of spring to help us through yet another round of dreary weather to come.

springtime really is on its way!
I found this shoots popping up through the leaves in several areas of the backyard. We are all curious to see what they will become.

There was plenty of climbing (notice the sheath tied around his waste...we are in the thick of a Peter Pan phase).

twisty swinging

tree hugging


watching big brothers

and more sliding

the weekend ended with a clear sky and just a sliver of moon shining (a fingernail as I used to call it).
This week will be a relaxing week with not much planned other than school and home life. Oh and lots more valentine crafting! Then on to a certain soon-to-be 9 year old's birthday preparations. Lots of mama and daddy made gifts are in the works.
And while not related to this post, I wanted to share just a bit of what our little girl has been up to. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and new words are popping up everyday. She no longer calls the boys "brodders", but by their names "blay", "jaytee", and "parpar" cute. She has also started asking to sit on the potty and has gone a couple of times so we are going to start potty learning. This seems like such a big growth step and I wasn't quite ready for it yet. It is just another reminder that my "baby" is growing up way too quickly. And just like her brothers, she has a strong love for "tweets". We have bird feeders set up in the backyard and the front porch by the school room window. We all enjoy seeing who will visit us next and can easily spend 10 minutes or more just watching our little friends!

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