Sunday, April 26, 2009

Falls Park

Yesterday we made a drive down to Greenville to meet with a realtor to list the townhouse. We decided to make the drive worthwhile by visiting Falls Park which is in downtown Greenville. The weather was unseasonably warm (near 90!), so it was a nice day to play in the water. The park is absolutely gorgeous with lots of green areas around to picnic at as well as beautiful flower gardens. We spent about an hour or so just hanging out before heading back to Charlotte.

A suspension bridge that takes you over the river and the falls.

This was part of the river that was at the top of the falls. The rocks here were pretty slippery and all of the boys fell in at least once. Parker was pretty much done with the water after that....he doesn't mind getting wet as long as it is his choice.

When I was taking this picture, Jacob was standing, but I happened to catch the fall right at the right moment.

A great blue heron that Jacob had spotted flying by earlier.

We all had a great time and the boys were pretty tired...they all slept most of the way home which meant a nice quiet drive for momma and daddy :)

The boys

Blake reading the latest favorite book- Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip
Snuggling with Koda

As usual, Jacob makes a goofy face.

I can't believe they all fit in this sandbox.

Blake in front of his garden. He spent about an hour transplanting grass patches and weeds in the yard. Then he outlined it with rocks...I think it looks so nice!

No more training wheels!

Last week we spent an afternoon at my friend Carrie's house. Her daughter has a balance bike and Jacob spent almost the entire time on it riding up and down their driveway. When we got home, I noticed that he wasn't even using his training wheels when he was riding his bike, so off they came! He absolutely LOVES to ride his bike now and asks to go bike riding pretty much after eating breakfast everyday.

Our street is on a slight hill so the boys ride to the top and then race as fast as they can down. Even Parker will do this, but usually puts his feet up in the air and is yelling or screaming something as he comes down the hill.

Egg Dyeing

This was the second time this year we dyed eggs (we also dyed them for a Spring Equinox party) and the boys were very excited to get started. I used food coloring and the box had a chart that made additional colors so there were lots to choose from! We decorated 2 dozen and I don't think that was enough. The boys had a great time and were fascinated at how their eggs turned out.

The results!

Most of the green/teal eggs were from Jacob. For whatever reason, that is the only colors he really wanted to use.

Shannon's Visit

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and sister threw me a surprise baby shower and Shannon made time in her schedule to fly down and visit for the weekend! It was such an awesome surprise...I hadn't seen her in 6 years! She was a trooper to put up with the boys...they pretty much wanted her attention the whole time. I think Jacob found his first love :) It was a great visit and the boys still talk about her.

Enjoying a picnic at Freedom Park

Blake's pregnant playdough mommies (notice the progression in the bellies!)
Playdough creatures