Monday, May 31, 2010

Landsford Canal State Park

On Friday, our co-op met at the Landsford Canal State Park for a picnic and a hike. The kids and I had never been before and were looking forward to it!

I love this picture of Lela running...she looks like she is floating!
The girls bringing up the rear

Parker...never far from mama

the view along the trail

one of the many, many, many toads caught on our hike

the spider lilies in bloom!

it was so beautiful! The lilies look like they are sparkling in the light of the sun

half the group

on the hike back, we stopped to let the kids wade in the water

testing the water. It was a very warm day and the water felt wonderful.


Kenna feeling the water. She LOVED it! I eventually took her diaper off so she could sit in the water and she was so happy.

rock walking

a little bit of sand play
We left the park wet and tired and fulfilled! It was such a beautiful day spend with our wondeful friends.

Wet Felting

Friday's have become a cherished day in our house. We all love to end our week with a nice long day romping in the woods and playing in the creek. We ended our co-op year with some free play and a little bit of wet felting. The kids and I have never wet felted before and we enjoyed it so much! It is something that we will incorporate into our homeschooling in the future.

Parker carrying a mini tree
I snapped this picture of the kids cohorting on the bench. Not sure what they were planning!

Jacob and Clover sitting in the tree...

Roo Roo picking up the mulch and probably about to taste it

The kids felting their eggs

Parker's egg

Jacob and Blake rubbing their eggs on the washboard. The friction causes the wool to stick to itself, helping to hold the shape.

More scrubbing

After the eggs were felted, they were rinsed and air dried. They didn't turn out quite as we wanted them too, but I think they look great for our first time wet felting. Afterwards, the kids all enjoyed blowing bubbles, using their hands and fingers to make the bubbles. It was such a great day!

Handmade Love

My children are so blessed to have people in our lives that not only love them, but love to make things for them. A couple of weeks ago, we received a very large package containing the most wonderful handmade goodness. Thank you so much Uncle Joey and Aunt Cindy for making such beautiful gifts for the kids!!!
Cindy made these teddy bears which are not only big, but soft and cuddly as well! The boys LOVED them and they have a permanent spot on their beds.
Bean cloth dolls. I *believe* they are clowns, but the boys have decided they are gnomes.

Parker's kite quilt
Jacob's sailboat quilt

Blake's transportation quilt
I still need to get a picture of MaKenna's quilt as well which is just as beautiful as the boys' quilts. They all treasure these wonderful gifts and appreciate all the love that went into making them!