Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little Knits






Just thought I would share a few of the small projects that have recently come off the needles.  One of my very dearest and closest friends is due with her 5th soon.  They are keeping the gender a surprise until the birth so I chose a yarn color that was fairly neutral.  The vest is knit up using Knit Picks Swish DK in heather dove (super soft, durable and a superwash!)  I loved, loved, loved knitting this cute little vest up and I cannot wait to see it on Little Chicken Fingers (the wee babe's knickname).  The booties were knit up using Knit Picks Stroll Tonal (fingering weight and also a superwash).  This yarn was great to use and the colorway is gorgeous.  This was also a fun and fast knit!   I still have quite a bit left so I am thinking a pair of socks for mama are in order :-)

The mittens were something I knit for Kenna several months ago, but just got around to taking a picture of.  This pattern called for knitting the mittens a bit differently than what I was used to in the past.  There is a distinct left/right hand due to thumb placement which works if I help Kenna get them on, but not so great if she is trying to do them herself.  That being said, I would definitely use this pattern again as I love the look of them!  

And the little pouch was something I knit for Jacob for Christmas.  The boys are always setting aside bits and pieces...little rocks, gems, coins, favorite lego pieces, and I thought this would be a great way to help keep some of it under control :-)  The yarn is Lamb's Pride worsted in Blue Skyways.

I am still working on Jacob's sweater...a cuff and a sleeve to go!  I haven't had much motivation to finish it- maybe because this is the third time knitting the pattern or perhaps because until very recently it has been rather warm and he wasn't really needing a wool sweater.  BUT the cold weather is here AND it is very close to February which means, winter is drawing to a close here in the south.  So if I want him to even get any wear out of it this season, I really need to finish!!!

Tomorrow's weather is calling for a wintry mix- there will be a fire in the fire place, tea in my mug and knitting in hand! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013












We are still here.  This time of year has always been a struggle for me.  I am not one who does very well with the cold (and you all would laugh at what I think is cold!) and throw the gray, rainy days that seem to follow one after another, and well, it is all I can do to keep my spirits up.  We had a nice warm spell over the weekend and the sun finally came out.  I felt like a different person!  

We have been wrapping up some loose ends on our school work.  I have plans to post some of what the boys have been working on should the boys be okay with that.  We are now in the midst of a short Botany block for Blake and math for the other boys.  Although learning tends to overlap for them all.  We will head to the woods tomorrow afternoon seeing what we can find and learning more about trees in winter.  

I had to post that photo of Jakey at the board.  While it looks like he may be looking at the problem with a cocked head, in reality he was dancing.  Because that is my Jakey who is ALWAYS moving.  And I keep saying over and over, thank goodness he is home where he can dance while he does math!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Handmade Holidays: Part 1






This year's handmade gifts were kept pretty simple.  Our hectic December schedule combined with illnesses didn't leave much time for crafting and creating as in years past.  Which really was okay with me. What we did manage to make was well received and very much loved and appreciated.  My simple (and realistic!) goal was to have at least one handmade item for each of the children and I was able to pull it off while also letting myself off the hook for all that wasn't made.  I say to myself every year I am going to start sooner...maybe this will be the year I actually do?!

The boys were gifted a potholder loom from their Granny.  As you can imagine, potholders were made to give as gifts for the holidays, including me.  Blake made mine (which I saw and secretly wished it was for me!).  It is one of my favorite gifts this year!

Parker painted the peg people/cup matching set for MaKenna.  It was an inexpensive, but fun gift.  Both the peg people and the cups were purchased at our local craft store.  They are painted with watercolor paints.  We forgot to finish them with beeswax, but I would suggest doing so.

MaKenna had been asking for a big doll like her brother's.  However, unlike her brothers, she was very specific as to how she wanted her to look.  She requested a baby with black curly hair and blue eyes and that is exactly what she got!  She decided her name would be Gina (not sure where that came from!) and Gina is a constant companion.  Like the other girl dollies, Gina was made using a Joy's doll pattern.  A note about this pattern- while it says it will make a 16" doll, in reality, the pattern produces a much larger doll, probably closer to 19".  I only noticed this after making a 16" doll using a different pattern.  I adjusted Gina to be closer to 16".  Her flannel nightgown was a purchased item from Germandolls.  I couldn't resist- pink AND covered with perfect for my girl!

Parker also received a felted recorder case like the one I made for Jacob.  For his birthday, he was gifted a new recorder and he was pretty excited to have a nice case for it too.

I have a few more gifts to share, which I still need to get photos of!  But just because the holidays are behind us now doesn't mean the handmades have stopped.  I have some baby items (for a friend, not me!) soon to be cast on, still working on a sweater for Jacob, and then a few things I want to knit for Blake's birthday next month.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a project for ME.  I am thinking that is long overdue :-)

Thursday, January 3, 2013










Life around here has been slow!  Like so many others around us, our family was hit with the flu (again).  It started with Jacob, Christmas Eve no less.  So for the last week and a half, we have been taking life easy.  There have been lots of time spent cuddled under blankets on the couch, meals, games, stories read by the fire, warming foods and drinks, and lots of herbal supplements to help boost our immune systems.  Thankfully, the worst is behind us and all that is left is a pesky cough for the older two boys.  I am hoping that this will be the last bout of sickness for a good long while!

As everyone seems to be mostly well, we slowly eased back into home lessons after having the last month off.  I would be lying if I said it was a smooth transition!  Truth be told, it was a bit rough, especially for Jacob, but not as bad as the after-summer transition.  I am trying hard to reevaluate what our day looks like for the next 5 months that are left for this learning year.  I am spending so much of my morning time with the boys, I feel Kenna is getting lost in the shuffle.  So there may be some tweaking that is needed for our rhythm.  I am also considering taking a more unschooly approach...teaching 3 seperate main lessons is wearing a bit on my sanity!  We will see where this all leads us!  As for now, we are finishing up our studies on Ancient Egypt with Blake, the King of Ireland's Son with Jacob and wrapping up our Fairy Tale/Letter block with Parker (who is so enthusiastic about learning, it melts my heart).

And now, it is 2013!  And we rang in the New Year with a family game night, marshmallows roasted in the fire and a burning of wishes for the upcoming year.  I have never been one for resolutions...I like to think of them more as goals.  One of my goals being to make more time for myself including knitting something for me!  It is so easy for us mama's to get lost in the rearing of our children, but time away, filling our own cup is so so important.  Our children deserve a happy mama!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year full of many blessings!