Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas and Handmade Gifts

This was the first Christmas in a couple of years where it was just our family celebrating. I think after the month's whirlwind of activities, it was just what we needed! And it was so lovely. Just the kind of Christmas you dream of.

The tree all lit up prior to Santa's arrival.
MaKenna checking out her new barn

And the aftermath of gift opening

Name plaques made by Daddy for our football loving boys (aren't the wood burned helmets awesome!)

mama knitted kitty for MaKenna and gnome for Blake-he was the last to get a gnome and now all the boys want "friends" for their gnomes :-) Thankfully, these don't take long to finish.

mama knitted scarves for the boys (top-bottom:Parker, Blake, and Jacob). They all picked out their own colors.

Poppa made barn/stable inspired by Nova Natural's

Poppa did an amazing job! It is so beautiful and made with such love! The kids have played with it everyday since.
Not pictured is a kitchen that Peter is still in the process of making. Hopefully, it will be completed this weekend (ahem) and then I will post pictures of that as well. Peter and I have slowly been incorporating more handmade gifts into the holidays. The boys seem to appreciate those presents more and it is a source of pride for them to say "mama or daddy made it". Of course, this also has meant their wish lists have gotten longer, but that is okay. I already have lots of plans for Blake's birthday and will be pushing myself creatively a bit...I can't wait to get started!


  1. What an amazing barn! I'm so impressed you guys were able to make all that and raise four kids.

  2. Peter did such a great job on the barn and pennants for the boys. <3 And look at those scarves! Your kitty is precious, too.