Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time for Spring!

Part of Blake's Science project was to plant tomato seedlings. Since I am the only one in the family that actually likes tomatoes, we also planted some small carrots. This is our first attempt at veggies and we can't wait to see if they actually grow!
It seems spring has finally come and the boys were pretty anxious to get started on their seedlings. After a trip to Home Depot, we came back ready to start. They each picked out a neat little seedling cup: it contained a peet pot, seeds and a dirt pellet. All you do is add water and wait. Parker and Jacob picked out watermelon, Blake chose sunflowers, and I picked out birdhouse gourds. They have already started to sprout and hopefully it won't be to cold to get them in the ground soon.

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Photos by Blake

All of these photos were taken by Blake. He had a lot of fun capturing pictures of his brothers. Parker was pretty bossy during it all...he kept telling Blake to take a picture of him "doing this". I think they all came out pretty good!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creative Play outa hand!

I am a firm believer in pretty much letting my kids do what they like as long as it doesn't involve damage to themselves or things. However, with this pregnancy, my tolerance is very low and I am finding it a little difficult to let the boys have their fun without it ending in a very stressed momma. For example, over the weekend, the boys were pretty much outside the entire time. The weather was gorgeous and they decided to make mud puddles. Well, the mud puddles turned into a mud fight and soon they were all covered head to toe in mud. Not really a big deal except it was a little too cold to hose off in the yard, so they came inside. I put socks on them, gave them strict instructions to go straight up to their bathroom and NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. After sending Parker up, I came in only to find muddy hand prints on the wall and mud splattered EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere...the toilet, all over the bathroom wall, the floor, inside the bathtub, on the shower curtain, under the toilet (still don't get that one). So what should have been a quick hose off became a long clean up for a very tired and grouchy momma. Mud play has now been postponed until it is warm enough outside for hosing off!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleepy Parker

Parker has been going without a nap for about 3 months now. He will still fall asleep in the afternoon if we are driving around, etc. but if we actually put him down for a nap, he will be up until 10:30 or 11 at night (and still wake up at his normal time in the morning!). Anyway, the other day, he must have been really tired b/c I came down from folding laundry and found him passed out on the couch! The kid never sits still during the day, so I grabbed the camera to capture this rare moment.

Jacob wanted me to take his picture with Parker sleeping, but that woke Parker up and boy was he crabby!
He went back to sleep for about another 10 minutes before he was up for the rest of the afternoon.
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Monday, March 2, 2009


After a weekend of non-stop rain, the snow finally began to fall Sunday night around dinner time. The boys were sooo excited- the last time it "snowed", we only got a light dusting. So after a nice warm dinner of soup, potato pancakes and hot chocolate, they bundled up and headed outside and played for over an hour! I happily watched from inside-there is a reason I moved away from the north :)

let the snowball fight begin!
Checking out the roses covered in snow.

Look at the size of the flakes!

getting more ammo

The next morning, they bundled up and headed back outside. The snow is expected to be all gone by tomorrow, so despite the 20 degree weather, they wanted to enjoy it while they could.

We don't own a sled, so a cardboard box had to do!

Yes, there is a Jacob inside there!

Working on the snowman

Here he is!

They added an extra carrot to look like daddy going to work (a tie)!

Then it was time to destroy it.

The kids had a blast and I am just greatfull the snow is only sticking around for a day. I am so over winter right now!

More Birthday photos

Blake has been begging for a bow and arrow set for several months now. So for his 7th birthday, we all got him one along with a leather quiver. Peter had hung them up, along with the targets, for Blake to find in the morning. He was so excited, he woke up at 6am and it didn't take him long to find them! Peter and I were awoken to the sounds of arrows hitting the wall. He didn't put the set down all day and I have never seen a happier boy. We headed out to the park (again), but the weather was not as nice...we ended up leaving b/c of the rain. We finished the day with ice cream cake from Coldstone after one of his favorite dinners- homemade pizza!

He has been reading Robin Hood and wanted to make this sign for his door.

I can't believe my first born is 7. It seems like such a big birthday. He has accomplished so many milestones over the last year: learning to read, losing 10 teeth, teaching himself to ride his bike, swimming underwater, gaining confidence in meeting new people...the list goes on! I am so proud of the little boy he has turned in to and I couldn't ask for a better son! He is so helpful, kind, generous, considerate and he makes my days go by more smoothly. We love you, Blake!

Blake's party at the park

Blake decided that he wanted a party in the park with his friends to celebrate his birthday. Lucky for us, the weather was couldn't ask for better weather the end of February! Once we got to the park, the kids all ran around and played for a bit and then we headed over to the pavillion to eat cupcakes. After inhaling cupcakes, the kids headed down to the pond to admire (or torture!) the geese. We ended up staying over there for about 45 minutes or so before heading back to the playground to run around some more. We were at the park for about 4 hours and the kids were pretty tired, but had a blast.

Group shot of the kids eating the cupcakes.
walking along the shore

admiring one of the geese

some of the brave geese! Once they realized we didn't have food, they were off down the pond.

These swings are a favorite for my boys. This was the first time that Jacob swung upside down though. He was like this for quite awhile.

We all had such a wonderful time and Blake received many thoughtful and wondeful gifts: a plant, felted juggling balls (complete with bells), a feather, lots of homemade cards, a pirate pouch and a geode! We gave all the kids some little treasures as well...arrowheads, pyrulite and polished tiger's eye stones.