Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snapshots from our spring

little bouquets picked my flower loving boys
some baking done in the kitchen...without mama's help!

a little bit of reading about local birds

drawings inspired by a bluebird's nest in our neighbors mailbox (with 5 babies!)

making friends with the arrival of lots and lots of caterpillars

helping a just hatched ladybug

soaring kites in the blue skies

Because she is so darn cute

her "I am going to bite you" face

playing peek a of her favorite things to do!

tasting a leaf

One of the times she actually left her hat on for more than 5 seconds

the wind blown hair look

Hard to believe my baby, my very last baby is going to be a year old in a little over a month! And seeing as she is already in such a hurry to grow up, I fully expect some steps to have been taken by not fair *sniff sniff*

Look who got just a little bit bigger

Yes, that is my 4 year old riding a two wheeler!!! On Sunday, he decided he wanted his training wheels off so Daddy removed them and he hopped on his bike and away he went! He rode like he had been riding for a year. He had the biggest grin on his proud! Way to go Parker!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Camping

This past weekend we went on our first ever family camping trip! I cannot believe I am married to an Eagle Scout and we have NEVER been camping together (crazy!). It had been something we always talked about doing, but never seemed to get around to actually doing it. We finally decided now was as good of a time as any and we booked a spot at our local nature preserve. We thought it would be perfect- still camping, but close enough to home *just in case*.

First order of business, building the fire! The boys were sent off in to the woods to collect fire wood and they did an awesome job! The found enough for us to have fire for the entire evening!
Waiting to make smores while Daddy sets up the tent
Who says you can't have dessert before dinner?

One flame kissed and one plain!

Jacob liked to eat his marshmallow straight off the stick

Big Bro and lil sis enjoying the fire. No marshmallows or chocolate for Kenna, but she did enjoy the graham cracker

Before excited!

The next morning (notice how dark it is...)

Kenna playing with Daddy's hat. The day turned out to be a rained the entire time! The boys didn't want to go out and get wet (they usually don't mind). I think they just were having too much fun in the tent. Needless to say, mommy was getting a bit stir crazy.

The humidity did some wild things to Kenna's hair!
Mommy, MaKenna and Jacob ended up going home after dinner. Turns out, MaKenna is not such a great sleeper in the tent and we were both exhausted. Daddy said it was a good thing we went home because the weather got a little crazy and it was loud in the tent with all the heavy downpours. All in all, it was a good time despite the weather and we can't wait to do it again. Maybe next time, we will venture a bit farther from home!

Waldorf co-op

We had been telling the story of The Three Billy Goats and for craft, the kids all made billy goat masks so we could reinact the story. It was so much fun and the kids wanted to do it over and over....I think we did it a total of 4 times in a row, rotating through most of the kids. It was such a great day!

A little creek play after lunch
enjoying some caterpillar kisses

saying hi to a little friend

The Billy Goats Gruff waiting to cross the bridge. I sure hope the troll doesn't eat them up!

Clover helping MaKenna practice her walking!

Visit in Georgia

Early this month, we headed down to GA to spend the weekend with my parents. Both my sister and brother and their families came as well (it had been quite a while since we were all together!). The cousins (all 10 of them!) had a lot of fun together and thankfully, the weather was perfect for LOTS of outdoor play.

Here the "dads" are working on a playhouse
Uncle Jim explaining to Parker was the sawhorses are for

playing a little croquet with Grandma

All the kids (minus the two little ones) getting ready to paint- birdhouses and signs for the garden

MaKenna enjoying the feel of the grass

Look at how beautiful they turned out!

Kenna having a bit of Grandma time

The kids also made stepping stones- this is Parker's

Jacob's (notice it says I love Mommy)

Blake's stepping stone

The big boys stayed an extra day to help paint the playhouse while mama got some rare quality time with Parker and Kenna (the house seemed oddly quiet!). It was a wonderful weekend, but exhausting. The boys are all looking forward to enjoying time in the playhouse again this summer!