Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Days

With all the celebrating that encompassed the month of December, we also managed to sneek in some lovely slower paced days. Not all of them managed to get documented by photos, but here are a few to share.

One of my favorite scents of the holiday season- cloves and clementines
Blake designed a happy face pomander

Jakey's was a crazy dude with a very fitting to those of you who know Jacob

The first snow of the season began Christmas evening and continued through most of the following morning. We were left with a beautiful winter wonderland (a rare treat for those of us in the "south")

My kids are obsessed with eating snow. I am not sure if it is a kid thing or just because of the stories mama and daddy told them from their childhood days.

And this was MaKenna's introduction to snow. All decked out in snow gear, my summer baby HATED it! She didn't move from this spot and soon cried to go back inside.

A snowball fight soon ensued between Daddy and Blake

This was the first year we made a gingerbread house. I ended up purchasing a kit from Trader Joe's because I couldn't bear the thought of making one from scratch and then everyone hating it! Well, my intuition was right. While they enjoyed the construction, unfortunately the house found its way to the trash the next morning.

The gingerbread house did provide an opportunity for a quick reinactment of Hansel and Gretel though! That's the witch by the door.

I couldn't resist this picture of MaKenna warming herself by the fire! She is in full blown imitation stage right now which is equally cute (as illustrated above) and frustrating (when she yells "no, no, no" at a request for something she does not want to do). She definitely keeps us all entertained!
We just finished up our first week of school since taking our holiday break. Both the kids and I were craving our daily school rhythm and most of the week went relatively smooth. We even managed to meet up with friends for a nice (but cold!) afternoon in the woods! They are now forcasting more snow for us on Monday (!!!!) so a snow day may be needed :-)

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