Friday, September 4, 2009

3 months!

My baby girl is 3 months. Where has this summer gone??? She no longer looks like this fragile little newborn anymore. I was nursing her the other day and looked down and suddenly realized how big she has gotten! Her little personality is coming out more and more each day. She loves to watch her brothers and entertain them with her coos. She has also started to roll over! We are so blessed to have this little person in our lives.

Garden Bounty

We don't have much space to plant a decent sized garden, but the boys really, really wanted to plant something so we picked watermelons. The vines did really well, but we only managed to salvage one watermelon....the boys would either pick them before they were ripe or they cracked before we could get to them. Despite this, I think we will definitely do it again next year!

The kiddos

nothing like brotherly love
hanging out during tummy time
my failed attempt at a shot with the four of them
big bro and lil sis
it looks like she is giving him a kiss but she was about to wail

love Jakey's look on his face
Jacob loves to have me take pictures of him and Kenna. He is such a sweet big brother!
trying to get her to laugh. He used to do the same thing with Parker...put his head on their tummy and move it back and forth. She wasn't amused by the way!


MaKenna and Daddy have been enjoying lots of snuggle time over the last 2 months!

This is one of my favorites- she was in the middle of a dream and I happened to snap right at the right moment. I love her little smile :-)