Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Peter and I came up to bed one evening and found Parker lying in the hall like this. He had made himself a cozy bed of blankets! We thought the one slipper sticking out was pretty amusing as well.


A boy and his dog


This teeny, tiny caterpillar was eating up my sunflower leaves, so we decided to bring it inside and hopefully watch it metamorph into a butterfly or moth.

Exactly one day after bringing him in, he started to make his cocoon!
Notice the silk threads around him...that means it will be a moth.

It took a little over a week and one morning this came out of the cocoon!
We put him back out on the sunflower leaves so his wings could dry and he happily flew away later that morning.


Who needs pants


The best part of summer for Parker: Blueberries! He would eat a pint in one sitting. I think though, he may finally actually be tired of them.

Outdoor time

We are usually outside after dinner every evening letting out that boy energy before bedtime. Some of their favorite activities are playing baseball and racing their bikes.

Batter's Up

Our driveway and front sidewalk has a slight slope to it, so if the boys start off in the garage, they can build enough momentum to roll down the driveway, turn onto the sidewalk and make it to the corner. They LOVE doing this!

Serious baseball face

This is the infamous green tricycle. Our neighbor is letting us borrow this and once Parker got on, he rode it around the house every waking minute! After day 2 of this, he got a pretty serious leg cramp (he could never pedal on anything until this tricycle). At one point he was asking to bring it to bed with him!