Thursday, December 16, 2010

The school post

We have been busy the last two months! I am just now getting these photos off my camera and of course, it doesn't reflect their latest work. However, here is a sampling of what the boys have been working on through the beginning months of the school year!

Blake's Native American Shelter block- pacific Northwest
NA block-longhouses (woodlands)

NA block- wigwams (people of the rice)

Blake's Math block- measurement

Jacob's Language Arts block- consonants

LA block-consonants

LA block-consonants

Jacob's math block-qualities of numbers

math block-qualities of numbers

Blake learned cursive this year!
We have had a wonderful first half of the school year! I have been very pleased with how well the boys have been doing and how much work we are actually getting done (which is easier said than done some days!) We ended up taking the month of December off to focus on the holidays. After the New Year, Blake will jump into his Old Testament block and Jacob will finish up his introduction to the consonants!