Monday, January 17, 2011

Cub Scout Court of Honor

Both Blake and Jacob have joined Cub Scouts this past fall (late October). They have been having so much fun and look forward to the meetings every week. In fact, Jacob wore his uniform for almost a week straight when he first got it! Two weeks ago, they received awards at the Court of Honor. Both boys earned their Bobcat badge. Jacob also earned two beads, orange and white. The beads are displayed on his Tiger Cub recognition patch and show how far he is on the Tiger Trail (all of the achievements he has earned that count toward his Tiger Cub badge). Blake also received a bead (which works the same as for Tiger Cubs, but only Bears earn less). Blake has almost fulfilled all of the requirements needed to receive his Bear Cub patch...not bad for only being apart of cub scouts for 3 months!

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