Saturday, September 27, 2008

How Sweet

I was in the kitchen cooking and I looked over to see what Parker was doing and I couldn't resist grabbing the camera to capture the moment. I loved how he got all cozy with Baby Bear and his blankie before opening the book!

Indian Corn Craft

It seems fall as arrived right on time. We picked up some indian corn from the store and began to remove the kernels in prep for a craft to come (pics of that will be posted...don't want to spoil the surprise!) Even Daddy got in on the process, but no pictures of that. Hope everyone's fall is off to a great start! I absolutely love this time of year!

Creek Day

This was probably our last romp in the creek for the year. The weather is finally starting to cool off and it is just a little too chilly to play in the water. Of course, we still will have free time to romp in the woods. The kids and I really do love it and seem to need it. For those of you haven't read it already, I highly recommend checking out the book Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. It shows the importance of children's need to have unstructed play time in nature and how our society needs to place a greater stress on time in nature (soo true!).

Beeswax Art

Kayak and paddles

King snake in grass

The boys love creating stuff with their beeswax. It is a little difficult to work with in the beginning, but it holds shapes a lot better than playdough, plus it is less messy and smells wonderful!

Whitewater Festival

We attended a festival at the Whitewater Center a few weekends ago. The weather was gorgeous and there were a ton of people there. They had a nice section for the kids with an enormous slide, face painting and crafts. The boys really enjoyed watching all the rafters and kayakers. They were pretty bummed when they found out they weren't old enough to participate. Of course, now they use everything as paddles and pretend to kayak down rapids. Lucky enough for Blake, once he is 8, he can start taking classes there for kayaking. He is pretty excited about that.


Who needs a bed

Yet another place we find Parker sleeping when we come upstairs for the night. This one just doesn't look that comfy though. Notice the nightime snack next to his "pillow"!

Potty Learning Update

Parker has made progress with learning to use the potty. He has successfully pooped on the potty several times and is now wearing a diaper only at nap and bedtime. His favorite thing to do is to pee in the woods! We were at the creek and he had to go so he picked a tree and let loose. A little while later a couple was walking their dog and it peed on a tree. Parker then said "look, that dog peed on a tree like me!"

Ready for some football

The brainwashing started early in this house. This was football opening weekend. The boys were gearing up for the game and getting ready to eat "guy food". Help me!

Let's talk Boogers

Yesterday, we were driving in the car and Parker kept saying "I have a booger, I need a tissue". So I would grab a tissue and pass it back to him. After the third time of him asking for a tissue, Jacob says "Oh, just eat it." Ewww. And yes, Jacob is our booger eater. Thankfully, Parker was just as grossed out as we were and said "No way". Kids can be so gross.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Future Architect?

We all know how much Blake loves building things. He always said that when he grew up, he wanted to draw houses like his Daddy. So yesterday, we read the story of Mother Holle and then he was to draw a house from the letter H. He was working very intently and creating quite a bit of detail (like a stone pathway) when he stops and looks at me and says "I thought about putting a floor plan on the page, but then I figured you just wanted the letter H, right".

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bits of Summer

Watermelon slices the size of your head

Turning your fingertips and face red.

A sunflower garden outside the kitchen window
Making lunch without clothes
Fresh made pumpkin muffins devoured before lunch

The summer flew by, as it always seems to. We just finished our first week of HOMESCHOOLING (yes, that does say homeschool). Blake is loving it, as am I and so far, things are going really well. One of our most sacred activities in our weekly rhythm is our days at the creek. His eyes lit up when he realized we still will be able to have "creek day" even though the school year has begun!

And for those of you interested enough to keep reading, we are using a Waldorf-inspired curriculum. In as few words as possible, this is an education style that teaches the child through their head, heart and hands. It is a very gentle and holistic method of teaching, meeting the child where they are developmentally as opposed to pushing them into academics too soon. We absolutely love it!