Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A few weekends ago, Peter had some errands to run and I asked him to stop at the yarn store to pick up some yarn for a sweater I am making MaKenna.  He asked her if she wanted to come with and, as always, she said yes.  I have to say, I wasn't too suprised when they came home and she had picked out pink yarn.  In MaKenna's world, everything pink is "pretty!".  One of her favorite shirts is pink and she will pick it out every time if it is clean.  She even has a pink book!  It was gift from one of Peter's co-workers given to us back when she was born.  It is called Pinkalicious and is about a little girl who loves pink cupcakes so much, she turns pink from eating too many.  It is now her requested bedtime book and she will even read it to herself.  Ah, yes.  I think this is just the beginning of all things pink.

This is the start of that pink sweater.  At least I know she will wear it!  It is going to be a Christmas present, so I gave myself plenty of time to finish it.  I am already almost done with the yoke.  I can't wait to see it on her.  She really does look good in this shade of pink.  And mom, isn't it a bit deja vu?  It is the same mauvey pink my room was plastered in growing up!

Crowder's Mountain

Last week, we drove over to Crowder's Mountain for a hike.  This was a "field trip" I had scheduled as we were wrapping up Blake's local geography block.  Crowder's Mountain is one of only a few of the "mountains" found in the piedmont that once belonged to an ancient mountain chain that formed this area.  It is only a short drive from our house and it give a great arial view of the area we live in.  The boys had never been before, so I knew they would be pretty excited about it once we got to the top.  We chose a short trail as the hike is pretty strenuous.  The last time Peter and I hiked up it, we hiked about 6 miles.  We knew there was no way the boys would be able to do that.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids had fun spotting interesting things along the way.  We also gathered lots and lots and lots of giant acorns!  It was so hard not to take them all.  Each one had its own unique appeal and we just kept saying "oooh, look at this one!".  Once we got to the top, we spent a while enjoying the view and having a snack picnic.  The boys were pretty impressed with the view and how much they could see.  Blake was quick to point out one of the buildings he recognized from the Charlotte skyline.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon and I think we will do it again soon when the foliage is at its peak (okay and to get some more acorns!)

 this picture was taken with my zoom maxed out.  Of course it is hazy as Charlotte has really poor air quality. 
 the view!  You can't see the skyline in this picture, but it is from the same viewpoint that I shot the above picture!
 the boys were also really impressed with all the rock formations