Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn around the house

Autumn has to be my favorite time of year. What better way to celebrate the season then to surround yourself with its bounty and little reminders. For whatever reason, my kids ADORE those mini pumpkins, so we usually have several hanging out throughout the house.

our seasonal center plate complete with nuts gathered from our walks
a pumpkin I felted last fall

some of the previously mentioned mini pumpkins

a candle holder that I got several years ago

a new door sign the boys helped pick out

our pumpkins prior to carving

a birdhouse gourd grown by us

our leaf banner made during co-op

Wishing everyone a wonderful Autumn season!

Waldorf Co-op

I haven't posted yet about co-op this year, but I wanted to share how wonderfully it is going. We are lucky to have several new mommas/kids to join us this year. I am so excited with all the new energy added to the group. We are really lucky to have such an awesome group and all the kids get along so well. It couldn't be more perfect.
Last Monday was our first co-op at our "winter" site. Unlike last year where we held co-op indoors during winter, we decided to try it outside around a campfire. The morning was very chilly, especially for this time of the year, so it was time to bring on the fire! The kids were so amazed at the process and loved being able to help.

After a few (okay several) minutes, we finally got the fire started!

Then it was on to yoga! Look all those cute little yogis!

Lora read a story after circle while the other mommas set up for the craft. The story for this week (and the next three weeks) was the anxious leaf. Kate was our circle leader for the day and she also was in charge of the craft. She spent I don't know how many hours cutting out over a hundred felt leaves for each family to create into a banner (which is seen in the above post). The boys enjoyed picking out the leaves and Blake helped with most of the construction. I was glad he offered because admittedly, my hands were a bit cold and I was having a hard time! After our lunch we headed into the woods for a lovely hike. I, of course, left the camera behind.
Monday's have become a cherished day in our house because of co-op. We are happy to have the new families and look forward to getting to know them better!

Jail time

I think the boys feel that not only is MaKenna their baby sister, but she is also a play thing. I am constantly finding them doing things to her like "flying" her across the room or putting things (underwear) on her head. On this particular day, I had just finished nursing MaKenna in her room. The boys happened to be playing in there as well so I put her on the floor while I switched the laundry. When I came back to the room, she was no where to be found. Then I heard the giggling and this is what I saw...

Apparantly, Jakey had grabbed her and dragged her under her crib. She didn't seem to care one bit and actually seemed to enjoy "playing" with her brothers. I have to admit, I am a little nervous as to what they will do with her when she is bigger ;-)

Daddy turns 30!

On the 15th, Daddy finally joined the rest of us "old" fogies and turned 30! The day started with some family snuggle time. MaKenna pretty much had the same face in all the shots I took...big, huge, scary eyes. BTW, the scabs on Blake's chin were from a wagon-meets-giant-hill accident. He got pretty banged up. After the snuggles, it was on with the rest of our day for all of us. Dinner was a delicious home cooked meal of chicken cutlets followed by Daddy's favorite cake...a Carvel ice cream cake in the shape of a football! The day was pretty low key, but I think he enjoyed it just the same.

We are all very lucky to have a father and husband like him and we love him very, very much!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Just a few snapshots of what has been going on lately!

lots of sibling timesilliness in the car

snuggles with daddy

dress up play

and some messy eating!

Aw Shucks

Last week we went to a local corn maze/farm with our homeschool group. It was a fabulous time and the weather was perfect! They had expanded a lot of the areas which made it much more fun for the kids this year. The boys were disappointed to leave and we could have easily stayed a few more hours (after being there for 3 already!).

on the hayride

waiting to go!
checking out the turkeys and the chickens

watching the horse from afar

heading through the maze

children in the corn!

Parker would stop and pick the corn every few steps and everytime I tried to snap a picture, he would walk away. After a few times, it became a little game, but I finally got him!

group shot on the bridge overlooking the maze

playing on the hay mountain

scoping out were to go

my three needles in the haystack

The boys and I had so much fun that this will definitely become an annual tradition!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blake's Self Portraits

Blake has been very interested in photography lately and is constantly asking to take pictures with the camera. I think he may be ready for one of his own very soon! I am more than happy to encourage his new found interest and am always pleased to see the world through his eyes. On this particular day, he happened to snap a few pictures when I wasn't looking. I thought they said a lot about him!

Family Hike

Early Last month, we decided to venture on a family hike. We hiked a trail in our favorite preserve that was new to Daddy, but familiar to us. It was perfect weather and we had a great time finding all sorts of treasures along the way.

This is MaKenna's first ride in the kelty. She cried at first, very unassure as to what this contraption was, but settled after Daddy got moving.
She found a comfy spot for her to nuzzle in and fall asleep. She slept the entire hike like this.

Who put this tree here?

Look at this awesome shell Blake found. He spotted it from the shore and it was imediately claimed as a prized treasure.

Next to the water was this tree with all of these little fruits...yellow plums maybe?

This was near the end of the hike and Jakey was a little less cooperative with picture taking.

The thinking rock


After our morning walk one day, Parker and Jacob decided to stay outside and dig in the old sunflower bed while Blake and I moved onto his main lesson time. This occupied their time until lunch, which made for a nice peaceful school morning! It always amazes me at how the simple things like mud can lead to hours of entertainment.

The digging continued the next day in which all three boys decided to do "work". They proceeded to dig as much dirt as they could which left two giant holes in the bed. Then they each took turns sitting in it.

It was hard to get a picture that really shows how deep the holes are, but this one was probably the best. And yes, Parker is wearing his pajamas. You have to be comfy when doing work afterall.

Some faves

She almost always is a happy girl when I go in to get her. She loves being able to peek over the bumper now and see what is going on! The minute she spots me (or a brother), her face lights up and she gets a huge grin on her face!
5 years and he still wears Bubba on his head.
I love Parker's face in this picture...sheer joy at holding his baby sister.

I got my hair cut just for this carry! She almost always falls asleep and it is so comfy.