Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Poop and stuff

We have a ritual in our house every night before bed. The boys strip down to their birthday suits and run around the house being silly. One night, we waited a little to long to put a diaper back on Parker. The boys and Peter were laying on the floor reading books and all of a sudden Parker pooped on the floor! Everyone was yelling in disgust and of course, I was called in to scoop it up and dispose of it. So gross! Now when Parker gets naked he tells me "I won't poop on the floor mommy". I guess he saw how traumatized we all were!

I think Parker is getting closer to potty learning time. He was wearing undies the other night (to be like his brothers) and peed on the floor. He freaked out, I guess because he didn't like the feeling of being wet. Well, today after everytime he peed in his diaper, he would say to me (in a really pitiful voice) "mommy, I peed". It is hard to believe that after 6 years of changing diapers, the end is near! I am going to have a party for myself the day he stops wearing diapers!

School Update

The second half of the school year has been great for Blake! He was able to bring in a Frog and Toad book to school and read to the entire class! He was the only student to do so. He has also been placed in a challenge program for social studies/science. He meets with another teacher 45 minutes each day to work on problems. He also just started participating in a Math Challenge as well. He is given 6 problems to complete in a week. So far, everything has been a breeze for him. He still is excited to learn and I am amazed by how much they teach in Kindergarten. For example, the other day Jacob asked him how day turns into night. I assumed he would respond with something along the lines of "the sun goes down and it gets dark, etc.", but instead he began a long winded explanation of how the earth is rotating! I had no idea he even knew about it!