Friday, June 22, 2012

Moments from the week

A week full of marshmallow roasting, hammock swinging, knot tying, sunflower drying, pool dipping, game playing, firefly catching and suncatcher gazing (made by my sweet hubby).  Summer is officially here and so is the stifling heat and humidity.  Thankfully, our many, many trees keep the yard a tad bit cooler.  And if you sit very still, in the shade, it is almost tolerable ;-)  The kids have been keeping busy by playing many games outside as well as cooling off in the pool or playing water games with the neighborhood kids.  It is now too hot to knit outside, so I am just enjoying the relaxed pace of the day with a good book on the front porch (and trying not to feel guilty about it).

Wishing everyone a peaceful and COOL weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love the suncatcher! Talented young man. Oh yea, love, love, love the wonderful family too!