Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Off and On the needles

 I managed to finish her strawberry dress by Sunday as I was hoping to.  The bodice actually knitted up pretty quickly.  Kenna was excited to see it finished, well almost finished...she had spied it blocking.  Yesterday morning, I sewed on the straps and then she happily put it on.  Unfortunately, she is in a "no picture" phase so all these action shots will have to do.  I think my guage was a bit off (I never check, bad I know) and probably could have gone up a size on the needles.  The dress overall was a bit narrow, but thankfully, my girl is skinny so it didn't matter.

Next on the needles is one of my favorite longie patterns.  And just to squash any suspicions that this may arouse, these are going to be gifted to a very good friend's wee babe due in fall :-)

As far as reading, I am still working my way through Radical Homemakers and still enjoying it.  I also wanted to share a book we gave to Daddy for Father's Day.  The boys were pretty excited to give it to him and I believe they have looked through it more than he has!  Right now, a skateboard ramp and go cart are on the top of the to-build list.  It is a great book, full of lots of feasible woodworking projects both big and small.  If you have a Handy Dad in your life, definitely check it out!

Joining in with Ginny once again!

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