Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Last Sunday, we headed over to one of our local nature preserves to celebrate Jacob's birthday with our friends.  We had had so much fun earlier in the year at our friends' fishing party, we wanted to do it again!  I wish we could say we caught something, but the lake was so busy with watercraft, the waves were keeping the fish away.  I think the kids had fun anyways.  We still have a bunch of bait left over so I foresee another fishing outing soon!  I made chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting.  It is always hard for me when I bake things that I can't eat.  I never know how they taste.  I realized after I had spread the frosting on half the cupcakes that I only put in 1 cup of powdered sugar as opposed to the 3 cups the recipe called for.  Peter told me it tasted "fine".  I am not sure what that meant.  I was really looking for "it tastes amazing", but I don't think I would have gotten that if I followed the recipe anyways.  No one complained and the kids happily devoured them so I take it that they were good.  And I am so grateful to all our friends for making the day so special for my Jakey Bug!

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