Friday, May 4, 2012

From the week

I didn't take many pictures this week which isn't like me, but looking back I know why...The sun was out in full force which also meant the heat was on!  We are having summer like weather and have been taking advantage of it by spending all our time outside.  Thankfully, the breeze brings a bit of relief from the 90 degree temps (a sign that it is still spring despite what the thermometer reads).  The boys were anxious to get out the sprinkler and have the first run of the season.  MaKenna watched cautiously from the side lines.  She still doesn't like to be sprayed, but was happy to watch her brothers having fun.  We also did much of our lesson work outside as well.  We are in a math block for both boys, review of the four processes for Jacob and fractions with Blake (which he is mastering quite well!).  It is always a struggle for me to stick to the plan and follow through with lessons this time of year.  We usually just want to be outside, enjoying our time and play, play, playing.  In the past, I would feel guilty thinking I was slacking or not doing enough.  Now I am wiser (ha ha) and realize that we need this time as sort of a slow transition into summer.  So lessons are more relaxed and I no longer feel guilty.  Something I needed to learn as I went along I suppose.  Next week is our last week of math and then on to our last planned block of the year!  I am looking forward to them both- spring nature study for Jacob (bugs!) and local/state geography for Blake.  We also have a few busy weekends as we wind down the year for Scouts and Jacob starts up his Basketball clinic (thanks Grandma and Poppa...he is really excited!) and a couple of birthday celebrations in between.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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