Tuesday, May 22, 2012


A new day, a little bit older.  It was a good day and now, my 8 year old is tucked cozily into bed as the thunder rumbles in the background.  I think I am still in shock that he is 8.  How can that be?!?!  Last night, Daddy took him out to get his new bike- a gift from Granny and Gramps.  After opening his gifts this morning, he headed outside to take it for a test spin.  Later, he even gave it a good wash, you know, to get the mud off and stuff ;-)  Mama made gifts this year were a new boy baby (name Noah), a felted recorder case (pattern by Waldorfmama), and a birthday crown.  And since this was his 8th birthday, it meant he also got a new pocket knife!  This weekend, we will have a small party with friends eating cake, playing games and fishing!  A nice way to honor this very special little (or not so little) boy of ours.

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