Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Birthday My Sweet Parker






On the 24th, we celebrated Parker's 7th birthday! is that possible.  When I close my eyes, I can still picture the day he slipped into this world and my arms.  And now, we are here and he is 7!  My sweet Parker, you fill our world with love and laughter, always with a bright smile on your face.  You are a friend to everyone you meet and have developed a confidence that makes this mama proud.  Your sensitive nature continues to nourish those around you.  You are an amazing big brother and despite being "big", have such a way with little kids.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we love  you more than words could ever express!

(tradition in our house is that every 7 year old gets a pet for their birthday!  Parker bounced around from pet to pet even up to the day we were actually in the store buying the supplies, but settled on a dwarf hamster named Hammy.  Hammy is already a dearly loved family sweet boy declaring he is so glad he got her "she is the best hamster ever")


  1. Oh Tanya, Seven is so special! Happy birthday to you both!
    I love the tradition of a pet for the seventh birthday! If our Harry kitty wasn't so territorial, I'd love to do that too. Winter is desperate for a pet (de-skunked) skunk. Someday, if you can believe it- we'll have one!

    1. Thanks Mel! Seven is very special indeed. We weren't sure how our kitty was going to react and so far, she keeps her eye on the cage but hasn't attempted anything...yet. And wow, a skunk! I love it. We think skunks are awefully cute in this house :-) My 8.5 year old used to call them snunks and we loved it so much it has sort of stuck. <3