Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'Tis the season











How is it that it is already less than two weeks until Christmas?  As much as we try to slow these days down to savor the season, they still seem to manage to whiz by.  As in years past, we are taking the month off of formal lessons so that we can focus on creating and enjoying the holidays.  This past weekend, we took advantage of our one and only free weekend in December and got our tree.  We always enjoy getting out the  ornaments and remembering where they came from or when/who made them.  So much fun in decorating the tree!  This year, MaKenna has been really excited...since seeing the first Christmas lights put up around town (and not to mention decorations in the store).  She continues to ask if it is Christmas yet.  Just the other day she asked if Santa would put something in her sock (stocking!) and perhaps he would even put "choc-o-late"in it.  Just the way she said it, like it was something oh so special, was just the cutest and I wish I could have captured it on video!  Such a blessing to relive the magic of the season through my children.

In a few days we will head south to celebrate an early Christmas with my family.  The boys and I have been busy making gifts for the cousins and my parents.  I will share the final products after they have been gifted so as not to spoil the surprise!  So much creating is happening around here (and if you happen to stop by, please excuse the mess!)  

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