Friday, September 28, 2012

s l o w

Things have been pretty quiet and low key around here this past week.  A pretty nasty virus is making its way through the family and we have been taking the time to slow down and rest.  So while formal lessons have been put on hold, there was still plenty of time for reading, baking, games and crafts of all sorts.  Just the sort of activities that don't take up a lot of precious energy.  Fortunately most of the kids are on the mend.  Unfortunately, I think I was coughed on one too many times ;-)  This weekend will pretty much be more of the and recuperation and hopefully we will start the week healthy.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh Tanya, I'm sorry you've all been sick! We're finally getting better now, I surely hope you are too! Yes, things have been on hold for sure. We have catching up to do now.
    HUGS Mel

    1. Thanks Mel! Slowly, but surely we are on the mend. Fingers crossed we are all completely well by the weekend!