Friday, September 14, 2012

I can feel it

It seems fall really is just around the corner.  There is already a change in the air- the mornings are crisp and cool and the windows have been left wide open for almost a week now.  We all have been needing layers for when we take our morning walk, then shedding them as the sun comes out and warms us all.
I thought that for the first time I would try my hand at canning this year.  And with our good friends recent trip to a favorite orchard, applesauce seemed easy enough to ease into the process.  So with my jars all cleaned, warmed and patiently waiting, the apples perfectly sauced, and canner full of water waiting to boil, there was a popping sound from the stove followed by the smell of plastic burning and smoke coming from the control panel!!!!  We quickly pulled the stove out and unplugged it, but now I had all this sauce jarred and no way to can them!  Ha!  Thankfully, the stove was only out of commission for a day, but lets just say I took that as a sign to forgo any canning endeavors this fall season.  We will just enjoy the sauce as is as well as in muffins, breads and cakes and lets just hope next year goes much more smoothly!
I have also been working on my long knitting to do list.  First up, socks for all the kids.  I am starting with a pattern given in our 5th grade curriculum (in Waldorf schools, knitting socks is a standard handwork project).  It is knitted with worsted weight wool so it is knitting up fairly quickly.  The first pair is for Blake, purple of course!  I am also working on a soaker (diaper cover) for a friend's baby.  It is the first time knitting this pattern and so far, I am loving it!
Wishing everyone a lovely (almost fall) weekend!

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  1. Dear Tanya,
    Windows wide open represents fall to you! I had to smile at that one, it really reflects the difference between where we live- a sign of fall for us, is that windows stay closed more frequently!
    Beautiful photos- and I am anxious to see the wooly socks! Love, Mel