Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kite Weather

High on the hilltop I fly my new kite;

Springtime is kite-time and full of delight;

Kite on the wing, I hold the string;

Pull away, tug away, kite in the sky.

A. Carpenter

Springtime means kite time! Last week the winds were gusty enough to use the kites for the first time this year. Our neighborhood has a lot of trees in it which blocked some of the wind, but the kids were able to get the kite up and keep it up by running up and down the street. I wasn't able to get a picture of the kite way up in the sky, but they did a good job getting it to fly. MaKenna had no idea why we were running up and down the street, but she thought it looked like good fun, so she did too (cutie). I am hoping the next kite-weather day we can go to an open field and really let them fly! There is just something magical about flying kites.

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