Friday, April 8, 2011

Bits of Spring

even doggies like to smell tulips

our dogwood in bloom new finds in the warm clothes box
lizard taming
and bonding
azalea bouquets at the dinner table
children's garden
more tulip smelling
and spying new friends (do you see the skink?)

Spring has been oh so good to us so far! We have been enjoying spotting mother nature around our house and new finds appear almost daily. This has been our first house we have lived in since having the kids where there are flowers to pick in the yard, snakes and lizards hiding in the tall grasses and lots and lots of trees! Last weekend we spent a good portion of our time just hanging out in the yard. MaKenna always goes to the tulip "patch" to sniff the flowers and then she proceeds to find dandelions or other "weeds" to pick. One day she was carrying two sweet gumballs in her hand and then she quickly dropped them and ran over to a small violet patch we discovered a few days before. She proceeded to pick three violets and gave them to me! I have memories of picking my neighbors flowers when I was young to give to my mom and I have a feeling she will be the same! The boys will pick flowers for me every once in a while, but they are definitely more interested in lizard and snake wrangling. MaKenna and I discovered the anole and the skink on the side of the house and I called the boys to come take a look. Jacob caught the anole and then he told me he was going to put it to sleep and began to stroke it. To my surprise, that lizard was as still as still could be! He was pretty proud of himself. We were lucky enough to witness his color change as well...he went from brown to green within a few minutes. I can't tell you how happy I am that my children share my love for the simple things!

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