Friday, April 22, 2011

Creative Play

One of the many benefits to homeschooling is flexibility in our schedule. While we definitely have a "flow" to our day, we are not limited by the clock. This allows us to approach our time together unrushed and more peacefully, something I feel is very lacking in today's modern society. But this also means there is a lot of time to do "nothing". Over the last several years (I think it has been 3 since we went tv free for the kids), I have been able to witness my children's creative play blossom! This growth was especially noticeable in Blake. Whereas before, his play was limited and very closely tied to media images and story lines, he has since been able to freely imagine anything! It has been such a pleasure to watch him grow and expand in this way. And as the boys are getting older and stepping away from this imaginary playland a little more, I try to take notice and soak it up whenever I can.

a common scene, creating their own books
all four of them have very seperate ideas going on yet they are creating together

Parker is putting on a puppet play involving a lush meadow, flowing river and several gnomes

in the end, he lifted the green silk and unveiled a world full of precious gems

this particular morning, I was a customer at a very tasty (and local) restaurant. Parker loves to use the shoe bench as a stove/oven

Jacob was also the owner and chef of a restaurant

my very tasty fruit soup. While we have play food that they could use, they were able to create using cut up paper.

I am so grateful to be able to provide my children with time to just play! Not only are they creating memories, but they are also learning so much.

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