Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feelin the love

mommy's gift from daddy- tulips and irises!

daddy made kitties for Kenna
mama made gnomes for the kids (kenna's is not pictured- it's pink)
a lego heart gifted to me from Blake

Valentine's from my boys (only a few of the many that were made!)

window heart transparancies

Valentines in the making

Valentines for our friends

more Valentines for our friends!
The last week has been spent creating lots of "love". We try to keep Valentine's Day fairly simple, but it always is just enough to make it special. This year, in addition to the felt gnomes, the kids all received a small pot and seeds (strawberries for the boys, forget me nots for Kenna) and a sweet treat. We spent the rest of the day crafting Valentines to exchange with our homeschool co-op friends and to play outside in the beautiful spring like weather! Yesterday was our Valentine exchange and when I was making Parker's bed up for the night, I found all his Valentines under his pillow! For Parker, that is where all his most prized treasures end up and it was sweet to see how much he loved those handmade cards from his friends!

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