Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Handmade Holidays: Part 1






This year's handmade gifts were kept pretty simple.  Our hectic December schedule combined with illnesses didn't leave much time for crafting and creating as in years past.  Which really was okay with me. What we did manage to make was well received and very much loved and appreciated.  My simple (and realistic!) goal was to have at least one handmade item for each of the children and I was able to pull it off while also letting myself off the hook for all that wasn't made.  I say to myself every year I am going to start sooner...maybe this will be the year I actually do?!

The boys were gifted a potholder loom from their Granny.  As you can imagine, potholders were made to give as gifts for the holidays, including me.  Blake made mine (which I saw and secretly wished it was for me!).  It is one of my favorite gifts this year!

Parker painted the peg people/cup matching set for MaKenna.  It was an inexpensive, but fun gift.  Both the peg people and the cups were purchased at our local craft store.  They are painted with watercolor paints.  We forgot to finish them with beeswax, but I would suggest doing so.

MaKenna had been asking for a big doll like her brother's.  However, unlike her brothers, she was very specific as to how she wanted her to look.  She requested a baby with black curly hair and blue eyes and that is exactly what she got!  She decided her name would be Gina (not sure where that came from!) and Gina is a constant companion.  Like the other girl dollies, Gina was made using a Joy's doll pattern.  A note about this pattern- while it says it will make a 16" doll, in reality, the pattern produces a much larger doll, probably closer to 19".  I only noticed this after making a 16" doll using a different pattern.  I adjusted Gina to be closer to 16".  Her flannel nightgown was a purchased item from Germandolls.  I couldn't resist- pink AND covered with cats...so perfect for my girl!

Parker also received a felted recorder case like the one I made for Jacob.  For his birthday, he was gifted a new recorder and he was pretty excited to have a nice case for it too.

I have a few more gifts to share, which I still need to get photos of!  But just because the holidays are behind us now doesn't mean the handmades have stopped.  I have some baby items (for a friend, not me!) soon to be cast on, still working on a sweater for Jacob, and then a few things I want to knit for Blake's birthday next month.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a project for ME.  I am thinking that is long overdue :-)

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