Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soccer and some other stuff

We have had an interesting soccer season thus far this year!  There was a stretch of weeks that seemed that it only rained on Monday and therefore, soccer was canceled.  I believe it was almost a month between soccer practice/games!  As you could imagine, the boys were really missing playing and their friends.  In an effort to make up the lost games, we are now going twice a week.  Thankfully, the weather has been cooperating and we are back in a regular rhythm.  While I do appreciate that all three boys play at once, which eliminates the dreaded overbooked schedule of practices and games eating up weekend time, it can be difficult to watch them all play.  I try to move about the fields and fingers crossed, I get to see some good plays :-)  Jacob and Blake are really into soccer and love it.  They play hard and have a desire to improve their skills.  I am not so sure how Parker feels about soccer.  He seems to have a strong interest in the beginning, but once they start their game, he sort of is just walking about the field in another world, ha ha.  We will see if he wants to play next year.  He has never really been my sporty guy, but wants to be like his brothers.  I am hoping he will find something that really interests HIM!

I also wanted to show a selection of work from the boys' last main lesson blocks.  Parker did really well with his letter block.  He enjoyed each and every one of the fairytales and couldn't wait to find the letters in the pictures!  He would ask at the end of our lesson time for a new story just so he could be introduced to another letter!  I call that success in my book.  He isn't so fond of form drawing, but we push through it as I have seen the benefits in my older boys.  Jacob also really enjoyed his Saints and Heroes block!  He too would ask for another story each day.  Some of the supporting activities including modeling, both from clay and beeswax, and watercolor painting.  While our official block for the year is done, we will come back and enter a few saints as we celebrate their associated holidays (Martin in Nov., Nicholas in Dec., etc.).  We have moved on to math, more practice with vertical problems and place value.  Just like his Daddy, math comes really easy for this guy!  And Blake is wrapping up his last week of North American geography.  We have been having a lot of fun with it.  He has been creating some amazing freehand maps of the different regions of the US.  We have also been doing some cooking, hearing different stories- both from the regions and tall tales, listening and learning poetry and some folk songs!  There is so much you could do with this block to really deepen the material, but our focus has been to get a general "feel" for how the regions vary and what it really means to live in that area.  In an idealic world, we would travel across the states....someday we will!  I have had the pleasure of visiting all of the regions except the northernmost NE states and the Pacific NW.  Talking about the areas is bringing back great memories of our family vacations from my childhood.

Today is a home day.  A welcomed rest in the middle of a very busy week!  On Saturday, we will pack up and head to NY and PA for a week.  It has been two years since we were last in New York and we are looking forward to spending time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.  When we get back, we will continue math with the younger boys and Blake and I will start our Ancient Civilizations block!  And it will be November!  I am really trying not to panic about the fact that Christmas will be here in two months. This mama has a long to-make list!

*once again blogger is acting up and I couldn't get a few pictures to load right.  They were the correct orientation before upload so I am not sure why blogger felt the need to rotate them!

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