Friday, August 3, 2012


When we first moved in this house, my parents were kind enough to purchase some swings for the existing play structure.  Needless to say, we have been a few swings short and finally, we decided to just go ahead and make our own (those store bought swings are expensive!!!).  So a few weekends ago, we headed to the home improvement store and left with enough supplies to make 3+ wooden swings!  They were a simple project...completed in a few short hours (thanks Daddy!).  The most difficult challenge was hanging the double swing in the tree.  Even the 16 foot ladder we borrowed didn't provide enough height to get the third rope around the limb, so we called in the help of our 14 year old neighbor who just so happens to also be 6'4".  The swings have been in use for most of the day since we put them out, especially the double swing.  Who knew a few homemade swings would draw so much attention!

And, also from the workshop, was a bunny and hutch set made by Peter and I.  Thees were gifted to my dear friend's daughter for her third birthday (she also happens to be Kenna's bestie).  Peter cut out the bunnies for me and I sanded/painted/finished them, with beeswax, and he made the hutch.  Kenna played with them most of the morning of the party and I was really nervous she wasn't going to want to give them away, but she was happy to wrap them up for her friend.  And it was well received- Laney exclaimed "I love it" after she opened it!  Yay.  Of course, a second set is now on the list of "to make" :-)


  1. AGH! I love it all, Tanya! The bunny hutch is something we have on our minds to make too. hugs