Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A visit

This past weekend we took a drive up to Greensboro to visit Aunt Kristen and Uncle Spencer.  The weather was pretty nice and we decided to drive over to the Military National Park just up the road for a picnic and a hike.  The park was the site of one of the battles that took place during the revolutionary war.  Not only did it have two museums, one focused on the soldiers and their weapons and the other focused on colonial life, but it also had beautiful hiking trails.  Blake and I got a little carried away snapping photos of mushrooms along our hike.  I believe we came across at least 5 or 6 different varieties!  I am hoping we have the same kind of luck when we start our Botany block the first week of school.  The boys also loved seeing all the different types of weaponry used during that time.  In fact, it left such an impression that they played "war" for the next two days.  I think Kenna's highlight was playing cards with Aunt Kristen.  We were glad we could all have this visit before the busyness of school begins.

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