Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just a bit of Easter crafting

Early last week, Parker, MaKenna and I set out to make some paper mache eggs.  It really was a three day process and thankfully, for once, I had read through the directions before hand so I knew I needed to start early in the week.  I really had wanted to wet-felt some eggs, but my last attempt was a huge fail and I was nervous to try again.  So when I saw this tutorial, I knew it was something we could do that, in theory, should turn out great.  It was a great project for Parker and I, but MaKenna was just a bit too little.  So she had her own egg and went to town doing whatever it was she wanted too (notice the half "mache-d" egg in the picture!).  We ended up making 8 eggs in total- 4 largish eggs and 4 medium sized eggs.  I will say, the final product looked really cute, but didn't keep closed as much as I hoped and the ribbon was a bit tricky to tie without the egg wanting to roll out from under your fingers.  We will still use them next year, but I think I may just go ahead and give wet-felting those eggs another try!

And I also managed to finish the bunny.  I was a bit nervous as I was sewing up the individual pieces.  It was looking rather "puppy doggish" and not so much bunnyish.  But once it was finally put together, I was in love.    It turned out better than I could have expected and much to this mama's delight, she LOVES it.  She decided to name it Bunny my Honey after her favorite book *swoon*.  Nothing makes this mama happier than seeing how much my children love the things I make for them!

and just a little side note on the yarn- while it is soft and fuzzy, like I was hoping, it was a major pain to knit with!  I will just go with the "good stuff" next time.

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