Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

We spent a wonderful Easter weekend at my parent's home.  It was a gorgeous weekend and most of it was spent outside.  There were trips to the garden center to pick out flowers and seeds for grandma, painting pots to fill with the purchased flowers, planting the children's garden next to the playhouse, dyeing lots and lots of eggs and, of course, the egg hunt on Easter morning.  The boys were excited and knew what to expect as far as basket goodies and the egg hunt, but it was so much fun to watch MaKenna experience Easter morning!  She was talking about her basket all week long, but she really had no idea what was going to happen.  And she was so surprised to see eggs hidden in funny places!  At one point she started laughing and said "silly Easter Bunny" as he had hidden some eggs inside the drawers.  The kids managed to find all of the hidden eggs although at one point we were wondering where on the earth the last egg could be!  It is hard to believe that Easter has come and gone already, but I am looking forward to many more celebrations coming up (next month starts another round of "birthday season!").

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