Friday, April 20, 2012

Moments from our week

It was a busy week, but a great week!  After taking a two week break, we jumped back into our lessons with renewed energy and excitement.  I was nervous as to how it would go as we had been so busy over those two weeks, but things went really well.  It is times like these that I realize how important our rhythm is to our family and how much it carries us from day to day!  While it is nice to have those spontaneous moments from time to time, what our family needs is a more consistent day.

 On the side of the house is a young crepe myrtle tree.  I had done a bit of pruning to it last fall, opening up the base of the trunk a bit more allowing it to take on less of a tall bush shape and more of a tree shape.  MaKenna discovered that it made the perfect climbing tree for her.  The smaller branches were still strong enough to support her and she was able to climb up and down it very easily.  She was pretty proud of herself!

For lessons this week, Jacob and I are going over some word families.  I told a story about a little boy and his mother who are traveling in search of a new town to live.  They come to a quaint little village and decide to meet the people who live there, knocking on the doors of the homes and learning about the family that resides there.  Each family member's name is a part of that word family and Jacob helps with coming up with the names.  He then copies them into his MLB and sometimes we come up with a silly sentence using the words we wrote.  The big boys have also been doing some math jump rope games (that they created themselves) and a game where they sit in a circle, feet joined, and they roll a ball back and forth to each other. Blake and I are finishing up his Man and Animal block-this week we covered birds from all over the world.

 This week we explored a new part of the nature preserve.  The trail we took led us to the remnants of an old rock house.  We all had fun imagining the different parts of the house-where they cooked, slept, sat in front of the fire.  That part of the preserve also had these amazing clusters of trees that intertwined among themselves.  It was quite magical and we can't wait to go back again!

 Jacob has been showing an increased interest in cooking and asked to make eggs for breakfast.  He still needed guidance as to knowing when they were done, but otherwise he cooked them all by himself.  I have grand visions of the kids cooking a meal from start to finish one day soon!

 And would you believe that we are in the peak of strawberry season!  We went to a new to us u-pick farm in hopes to pick 2 gallons.  Of course when we got there, they only took cash, so we needed to head back into town to find an atm.  Blake had asked me if the farmer was grouchy (which he wasn't).  When we returned to pick berries, he directed us to the other side of the "patch" where there were plenty of berries and no one was picking.  So we got in the car to drive over to the other side and Blake said "you were right- he looks grouchy, but he is really nice"!  After we picked (which only took us about 10 minutes!) I asked the boys if they wanted to come back and they said yes "because we like the farmer".  We have been to other farms where they have lots of extra "to dos"-hayrides and animals, play equipment and photo ops, but by far this simple, down home farm was our best experience!  We will definitely be back to pick more!

And to end the week, we went to the Raptor Center.  It fit in nicely with Blake's lessons plus the kids had been asking to go for quite some time (we hadn't been in over a year).  We went at a great time- they had just finished feeding all the birds so we got to see quite a few eating their lunch!  The kids were a bit grossed out, but also thought it was pretty cool.  I even got to see an owl cough up an owl pellet!  All of the birds here are birds that were injured in the wild and would not have survived if left alone.  Most have wing injuries and are unable to fly properly and a few have lost their eyesight in one eye.  Everytime we visit, we leave with a greater appreciation for mother nature's creatures.

This weekend we will have a quiet family weekend.  I am hoping to squeeze in some small sewing projects between catching up on chores.  I am trying to get a head start on birthday crafting as our May is going to be quite busy!

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