Thursday, May 9, 2013








Last week, a friend came over to help Peter with an oil change on his car.  The kids and I were in the middle of lessons, but after they found out what they were doing they asked "can we go help?".  "Sure" I said.  Real life experience is so much more important than anything found in a book so off they ran.  Jacob is especially interested in all things handy- our Mr. Fix-it in training.  He even ASKED to mow the lawn!  And so he did and he was really proud of himself (he also offers to do his big brother's laundry).

Parker and Makenna were inspired to make a fairy house.  At first Parker wanted to make one in the house (so it would be safe and dry-that is how much rain we have been getting), but I convinced him the planter on the front porch would work as well.  So off he ran gathering materials, including a whole slew of chicken feathers.  Looks rather cosy, no?

And this week, Granny and Gramps came to visit all the way from NY.  Granny has been enjoying her retirement and crocheted many beautiful toys for the kids.  She made a really sweet doll that Kenna named Rose.  Rose has been on lots of adventures already!  

Tonight I am sore from digging in a front bed.  I was lucky to have two helpers.  Parker is my most avid gardener always willing to lend a hand.  I don't even have to ask.  The minute he sees me get out my tools he is right behind.  And as we were digging and pulling up roots, lots and lots of roots, he chatted away.  At one point he says to me "I thought you said you were gardening.  This isn't gardening, this is pulling roots."  Oh, I do love that boy!  And soon, we will do some real gardening.


  1. Hey Tanya,
    My boys have been all about fixing the mower this week. Boys!

    Wondering if you are as overwhelmed with Boy Scouts as I am? It is so different than cubs. Vincent is planning to go to sleep away camp for 7 days next month. Unbelievable.

    Looks like you guys had a fun week.

  2. Yes, a bit Sheila. My hubs is an Eagle Scout though so he has helped a lot with the transition. Unfortunately, Blake is going to miss the summer camp (which I heard is a blast). These boys are growing up!