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A few weeks ago, we received some Painted Lady larvae, six to be exact, to hopefully raise through complete metamorphosis.  We were all surprised as the size of them and how quickly they grew.  Unfortunately, only one made it through to the chrysalis stage.  After about a week or so, we would watch daily for any changes or signs that the butterfly would emerge soon.  On Saturday morning, Parker pointed out how you could see the wings through the chrysalis and later that day, the butterfly emerged!  Unfortunately we missed it as we were at a birthday party, but everyone was excited none the less.  Right before bed, we released it into our yard.  I have to say I was a bit surprised at the boys' reactions.  They all were a bit sad, not quite ready to say goodbye and Parker even wondered why we couldn't keep it.  There were all sorts of questions following the release- where would it go?  What does it eat if we don't have the right plants (mallow or hollyhock)?  Would it come back?  It was a really great learning experience for us all.  

We were blessed with the most perfect weather over the long holiday weekend.  Jacob had received a drill, as well as other hand tools and a "building" book for his birthday.  Since then, he and his brothers had been plotting to make a treehouse in the backyard.  Of course, their plans were really elaborate involving rope bridges to platforms and zip lines.  Unfortunately because we do not plan on living in this house for much longer, they had to settle on a simple platform.  They all helped a bit in the process which I think makes it feel that much more special.  And now they have their own special hangout spot.  There is already plans for tarps and campouts and perhaps a pulley system.  

And that handsome pup?  Well, he is our newest family member.  He just so happens to be a 5 month old puppy of a friend who no longer could care for him the way he needed due to a growing homestead.  At first we planned on having him for a trial basis- he was strictly an outdoor dog there and well, we are an indoor/outdoor dog family.  The transition has been pretty smooth considering he is in a completely new environment.  I have to say, the timing wasn't the greatest as it turned out Kenna and Parker came down with the stomach flu, but it has worked out for the best just the same.  We simply adore him and are so happy to have a dog in the house again!

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  1. Hi Tanya!! Just got caught up on your blog and wanted to say congrats on your new family member!! So cute!! Looks like you guys have been just as busy as us! Hehe! Have a great start tomorro! Can't wait to see you again :)