Friday, December 30, 2011

When things don't go as planned

In the week leading up to Christmas, the kids and I had plans, lots of plans.  Plans to make gifts for neighbors and craft ornaments for the tree.  Plans to bake cookies for Santa and plans to make treats for the birds.  Plans to celebrate Solstice with our homeschooling community and participate in the annual spiral walk.  But all those plans got set aside.  

 egg carton ornaments-tutorial found on the Crafty Crow
 Unfortunately for us this year, illness plagued our family for the past two weeks.  First it started with a head cold that left some of us pretty out of sorts for a few days and causing us to miss our very much anitcipated celebration with our homeschool group.  Daddy and I did our best to make sure everyone was being taken care of while also feverishly finishing up Christmas and Birthday gifts.
 our tree on Christmas Eve all ready to go
MaKenna wearing Parker's birthday crown and admiring new snack boards

The day of the winter Solstice turned out to be a grey, rainy day.  We had no bonfire, we didn't make any treats for the birds as we have done in the past.  We spent the day cozied up inside, playing and doing our best to not be disappointed.
 Kenna got a new apron from Santa- it matches mama's!
 playing with the new castle my dad made

Then on Friday, the little kids came down with a stomach bug.  Poor Parker was miserable on his birthday.  He couldn't even enjoy eating some birthday cake!  I think he managed to have a good day despite feeling really bad.
 one of Parker's birthday gifts was Glob paint- plant based paint and it is wonderful!
enjoying new games in front of the fire

So Christmas was very low key.  The day was spent in our pajamas, getting little ones tummies to feel better and enjoying each other's company.  Not exactly how I imagined we would spend our day, but very wonderful none-the-less.  We could have sulked and complained and spent the time dwelling on what didn't happen, but instead, we took what was given to us and made the best of it.  And it turned just fine!

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  1. Oh Tanya, I love this post!
    I am so sorry to hear about being sick. We have also been sick on and off for all of December. UGH. But having a reason to slow down and keep things even simpler is nice too.
    Happy New Year!