Sunday, November 6, 2011


This fall, the boys had an opportunity to join a local homeschooling soccer league.  Those of you who know me know I really prefer to spend my days at home and not running from one activity to the next.  And the boys had been asking to join sports leagues this fall but just the thought of how much time it would take us away from the house (and the expense!) made me really hesitant to commit to anything.  Thankfully, a good friend recommend this league and it worked out perfect.  Not only was it free (!!), but the practice and games are held on the same day, same time for all three boys.  We ended up missing the first two weeks of the season, but that didn't matter much to the boys and they jumped right in.

Jacob plays on a team of 6-7 year olds.  He is in a red shirt on the right, in the middle of the pack of yellow players. 

 Jacob is on the left (with the black shorts)
 Blake, in the blue, plays on a team of 8-9 year olds
 Parker, the tall 5 year old in green in the middle

 Jakey, in the middle with his shirt tucked in
Soccer day is one of the highlights of the week for the boys.  I was unsure as to how my shy, reserved Parker would do, but he ran off to join his team like he had been playing for years with them.  His coach is really nice and made him feel very welcomed which I think helped tremendously.  All of them have done really well and their skills have improved greatly.  They have made some new friends and have also had the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends.  It has been wonderful being a part of a group that values good sportsmanship, skill building, and fun over competiveness!  This week, we will have our last game of the season and I know the boys will miss it tremendously until they can dust off the soccer gear next fall!

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