Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Visit with Grandma!

I am a bit behind on my blogging *ahem* but am trying to do a bit of a catch up before our days are soon filled with lessons and such.

Two weekends ago, my mom came in town to have a short visit with us. I feel blessed that my children have very hands on grandparents. They aren't afraid to get down and play, play, play with their grandchildren and therefore, the kids always look forward to their visits. With my mom in particular, one of the first things they like to do is to play board games. So when she arrived with Yahtzee in hand, they immediately headed outside to play on the back deck while Peter and I prepared dinner! They game continued after we all ate and they played until bedtime. While MaKenna was too little to join in on her own, she did help grandma roll the dice and that was all she needed to do to feel included.

There was also lots of indoor play as well. Grandma was involved in quite the elaborate game of house. Babies were fed, floors were swept and meals were prepared! Since her visit, MaKenna has been playing more and more with her kitchen cooking up a storm.

Another activity the kids enjoy is when Grandma reads them their bedtime story. Even MaKenna sat through the entire book when she normally will listen for a few minutes and then toddle off until it is her turn with a more age appropriate book.

On Sunday morning, the kids and I took Grandma to the greenway for a nice walk before lunch. The greenway runs along side a creek and there is a nice little spot where you can get to it fairly easily. We usually stop there for a quick look around, but this time the boys really wanted to walk down a ways and investigate a bit more. MaKenna really wanted to join in with her brothers but she took one step into the creek and said "Eeek, slimy!" and that was the end of that, ha ha! She then looked on and wondered where they went when they were out of view. I tried to engage her by looking at different mushrooms along a little trail as well as showing her some raccoon tracks in the mud, but in the end, she really wanted her brothers to come back.

It was a wonderful visit and much fun was had as usual. For about a week after, MaKenna would ask "Grandma at Papa's house?". Visits with the grandparents are always filled with great memories!

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  1. This is such a beautiful post! I love that your mom is so actively engaged in their play.