Friday, September 16, 2011

From the studio

Well, that is if I actually had a crafting studio ;-) Here are a few projects that I worked on last week at the start of school. I already shared the crayon rolls, but in addition to those, I made handwork bags for each of the boys (Blake's is not pictured). These were super simple to whip up and are the perfect size for a skein of yarn and a set of needles. Now the boys have their projects in one spot and they are easier to transport.

I also made several bean bags. Before we started our year, we took a trip to the craft store and the boys picked out some fabric. Jacob's is on top...he picked cardinals because they are one of his favorite birds (he didn't care that it was holiday fabric). Parker chose ladybug (not pictured) and Blake's are the green ones. We use bean bags for math practice as well as for games during our circle. Yesterday, MaKenna was walking around the house with a beanbag on her head singing "bean bag head, bean bag head". Too cute!

I also managed to work on a pair of wool pants for MaKenna. Although she is out of diapers, I still wanted her to have wool pants to wear throughout the cold months. This yarn is sooo soft and it was from a discontinued line so I got it for half price!

I was hoping to make them long enough so that they would fit next year as well, but after I bound off and tried them on Kenna, it appears that they just fit. Ha...I should have known as my kids rarely can wear something for more than two seasons! I laughed when I saw these finished. She measured in the waist for a size medium, but the length was even longer than the standard toddler size in the pattern!

She looks so tall and skinny here! Whatever happened to my little baby? Thankfully, she loves the pants (she is sooo picky about clothes!) and this weekend we are experiencing our first taste of fall weather. These were finished just in time! I am hoping to knit up another pair or maybe two (as well as four sweaters, some mittens and hats and maybe some socks...hmm, seems I will be busy).

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