Tuesday, April 30, 2013








Just a few of the latest projects to come out of the "woodshop".  Daddy made the butterfly plaque for Kenna when we were on our trip in Florida.  He described it to me on the phone and I really couldn't picture what he was telling me, but I knew it was going to be nice.  I had no idea just how beautiful it was!  The colors were created by rubbing chalk shavings.  The bird plaque was a gift for me.  The words inside are the lyrics to our wedding song- words that are still applicable all these years later.  I love it and it makes me smile everytime I look at it!  Daddy also made a shelf for Blake's bow and arrows.  Blake picked out the design for the woodburned archer.  And lastly, I had been asking for a better storage system for the boys' many, many legos.  They used to be stored in various baskets/bins and then after play clean-up was always a nightmare...the giant pile of legos all over the floor would overwhelm them.  So Jacob set to take measurements and him and Daddy made these under-bed storage carts.  They are on wheels so they come out from under the bed fairly easily even on the carpet.  Since they are so wide, there is no need for dumping the legos all over the floor.  They can just sort through them in the bin.  This has been a huge improvement in not only storage, but clean up is a breeze!  As an added bonus, Jacob was really proud of himself and is ability to use a drill all by himself.  He has always been interested in building things, but since doing this project he has decided he needs more tools including an electric drill and workbench.  I think we can make that happen! 

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