Friday, July 8, 2011

Into the fields

This morning we ventured into the blueberry fields to gather as many blueberries as we could. It is one of our favorite summertime activities and something we all look forward to! We usually begin reading Blueberries for Sal in the weeks leading up to picking season. Today as we were picking, you could hear the boys chanting "kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk!".

Parker was excited to show me the biggest blueberries ever!

My summer baby and her wild hair, happy in all her blueberry picking glory.

Jacob was pretty ambitious and filled the bottom of his bucket fairly quickly.

Kenna on the other hand was very grateful we were picking all those blueberries for her to eat!

But she did manage to pick some of her own.

In one spot, two of the bushes intertwined with each other forming this little house. Inside were some of the biggest blueberries!

We at least managed to pick more than Kenna could eat.

Near the end of what the boys could handle. Being summer in the south, it was hot AND humid and that always doesn't make for such a great time spent outdoors. The boys did better than I expected, but they still got pretty crabby. I managed to finish picking the gallon while they had a picnic lunch and played with their friends. I really wanted to pick another gallon, but soon gave up that idea as I was dripping with sweat myself. In the years past, we have picked in the evenings to take advantage of the cooler temps with the setting sun. I think we will stick to that plan for the future :-) Mmm, now to make the gallon last through the weekend...


  1. I think you should treat yourself to the blueberry lemon bars! <3

  2. yum yum, berry goodness:) beautiful photos, friend:)