Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 times around the sun

On Sunday, our baby turned 2! These past two years have gone by in a blink of an eye and that scares this mama. Oh how I wish I could slow time down! It was a perfect day and we celebrated MaKenna all day by doing some of her favorite things. She was up bright and early, so I took her downstairs and she immediately went to her new kitchen. She was very excited and said "what's this?!" It was sooo cute! She was able to play with it for a while before her brothers woke up and joined in on the fun.

After eating a favorite breakfast (pancakes), she opened the rest of her gifts from us. I made her a birthday crown...a new addition to our birthday celebrations. She wore it long enough for me to take a picture and then proceeded to throw it to the floor. I didn't have any expectations for her to wear it, but it is something she will grow into in the years to come.

Her gift from mama was a new baby. And as predicted, she wanted the baby to be naked and proceeded to take off all her clothes! It's a good thing I didn't make a ton for her to wear.

Later in the morning we headed over to one of our favorite places, Reedy Creek Nature Preserve. We took a nice walk around their ponds hoping to feed some ducks, but the ducks were not there. It turned out to be okay as we saw so many other creatures...turtles, toads, butterflies and dragonflies.

After our hike, we enjoyed a nice watermelon lunch. And we have been enjoying watermelon everyday since ;-) My summer baby loves her fruit!

Dinner was another Kenna favorite, raviolis, followed by a mama made cake. Unfortunately, she did not eat a single piece of birthday cake. It began to thunder and she is terrified of thunder since we had a bad hail storm last month. Poor thing was too scared to eat! She enjoyed a slice the next day though.

It was a wonderful day! She was so happy and I think she understood that it was all about her. I am so lucky to have this little girl in my life and can't imagine it without her!

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