Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 Months!

Today, MaKenna is 2 months old already. I was thinking back to when we first had Blake and how those early months seemed to go by so slow. Fast forward 7 1/2 years and I look at my baby girl and think "where has the time gone"? It seems that these past two months have gone by all too fast and I desperately wish I could slow them down at least just a bit. Life is definitely hectic with 4 kids and I try to soak in all the quiet moments (far and few between!) as much as I can. She has changed so much in these past months and I cannot even imagine how much more change is to come.
We have had a couple of big milestones over the last weeks. I think I can confidently say we are through the evening fussies. She has mastered nursing for comfort or at least her and my breasts have finally got it down ;-) So most nights we spend a good portion on the couch with her nursing for several hours before she is down for the night. Yes, that's right, she is sleeping the night! And I mean the whole night...8-9 hours! How did I get so lucky, I don't know, but she has always slept great during the night. I remember thinking she would be my worst sleeper because she was so active in the womb, but it turns out she is the best! She is also "talking" a lot more now. It turns out she likes to voice her opinion as well. Her brothers are still enjoying her as much as they did when she was first born. I love to see how gentle and sweet they are with her...they can be pretty rough with each other and I was a little worried they would carry that over with her. They are always asking to hold her when they can which comes in handy when she likes to be in arms but momma can't hold her. I feel very blessed to have such a beautiful family!


  1. Sounds like MaKenna already knows how to manage her big brothers!

    You all are a beautiful and loving family!

  2. So sweet how gentle the boys are with MaKenna...and you are WAY too lucky to be STTN!!

  3. Hey! I was just thinking about you today so I thought I'd check in on you and see what you guys were up to. Keeping busy I see!! Miss you!