Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Update

I am going to post these for my own sake. I think if I don't write it down, I will forget. There is always so much going on. Anyways, I had my second prenatal appt yesterday (already!). I am 14w3days for those who are wondering. It was an awesome appointment! I had been feeling the baby move for over a week now, but kept it to myself b/c it is pretty early (I usually don't feel them until closer to 16 weeks). Anyways, it took the midwife and assistant a while to get the heartbeat on doppler b/c......he/she kept kicking it away! It was pretty amusing actually. They were all surprised as well. All of the boys were in the room and got to witness it and Jacob found it pretty funny. There is no feeling like that of a baby inside of you. Whatever crabby/grouchiness I had from the morning melted away after that! I am measuring small right now, but I am not too surprised. That will probably change once I can actually start eating like I should. And that is about it until next month :) This pregnancy is going by soooo quickly!

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  1. I'm glad your visit went well! I'll be praying that food will sound better to you soon. It's no fun to have the "yuckies" (that's my special word for 24 hour nausea and worse... but it doesn't seem adequate, though!).